Life Stories #72: Ophira Eisenberg

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Life Stories: Ophira Eisenberg
photo: Jan Cobb Photography

In this episode of Life Stories, the podcast where I talk to memoir writers about their lives and the art of writing memoir, NPR host Ophira Eisenberg talks about Screw Everyone, a personal history of, as the subtitle puts its, “sleeping [her] way to monogamy.” Although her first idea for a book was something radically different:

“In the beginning, I actually wanted to write a memoir about failing—I was going to call it Points for Trying, and it was just going to be stories of failing, whether it was in relationships, or in my years of trying to establish myself as a stand-up comic, or with other jobs, or just sort of with life in general. Because, you know, I’ve tried a lot of things in life, and that means I have failed a lot. So I thought that’d be fun. [My agent] was, like, ‘Oh, I don’t know. Who wants to read a book about failing?’ But what if it’s a really funny book about failing?

She was just, like, ‘Listen, you have all these great relationship stories. Why don’t you develop… Switching the lens a little bit and looking at them through that lens.’ And, you know, as a female writer, and from a marketing point of view, writing a book on relationships and love is an easy angle to sell.”

As we discuss, however, a woman writing about relationships and love in a way that unapologetically embraces casual sex comes with some challenges and pushback. We also talk about how Eisenberg’s upbringing in Canada shaped her “not picky” approach to dating, how the man she married felt about seeing their relationship laid out in print from its very beginnings, and the role the Moth storytelling series played in her literary career. Among other things!

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27 May 2014 | life stories |