Life Stories #58: Gary Shteyngart

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Life Stories: Gary Shteyngart
photo: Brigitte Lacombe

Welcome to the first Life Stories of 2014! In this episode, I talk to Gary Shteyngart about Little Failure, his memoir of emigrating to the United States from the Soviet Union as a young child, and the ways he screwed up his life until he turned things around in his late 20s. As we discuss, he’s mined his life for his fiction before, from The Russian Debutante’s Handbook to Absurdistan and Super Sad True Love Story, but this time around he’s confronting it head on, and I can tell you the results are entertaining and illuminating—already, the bar for memoir has been set high this year!

You can read excerpts from the interview at Buzzfeed—the first in what I hope will be a series of appearances for this podcast there. That depends to some extent on how popular it proves, so if you enjoy this episode, and want to tell your friends about it, please consider showing them the Buzzfeed link! Thanks.

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18 January 2014 | life stories |