Life Stories #41: David Schickler

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Life Stories: David Schickler
photo: Martha Schickler

In this episode of Life Stories, David Schickler guides us through The Dark Path, his memoir about struggling, in his late teens and early twenties, with the belief that he might be called to the Catholic priesthood—a belief that was hard to reconcile with his sexual appetites (and his desire for one woman in particular). We talk about why he’s decided to tell this story now, twenty years later, and about the issues he has with “super-shiny” religious pop culture, and how he’s negotiated for himself the balance between his faith and the dark subject matter he explores in his fiction and television work; he also talks about those years when he desperately hoped for a sign from God as to what direction his life should take:

“Certainly the Catholic Church would never say, ‘Guess what? Each of you is going to hear from God literally once in your life,’ but that’s how I felt as a child, especially looking at the Bible—I felt like, well, Moses, a lot of these guys, heard the voice of God one time, and then they knew; they knew what they were going to be. That’s sort of what I craved and, to a certain extent, in my prayer, in various different ways, I was looking for… if not literally hearing God’s voice, some kind of a sign, some sort of a shove toward a path or a vocation.”

Things didn’t work out quite that way, as you’ll hear…

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22 September 2013 | life stories |