Beatrice: Now with Pullquotes

Pullquotes LogoI’ve been working with the folks at Blogads for several years now; they manage the ads that, if you’re reading this at the actual website rather than in your RSS feed, you see over in the sidebar. Recently, they gave me a heads-up about a new tool that they’d developed, and I thought it was such a good idea that I’ve agreed to be one of their initial beta users.

Pullquotes enables you, the reader, to highlight any passage in any Beatrice post and create a unique URL that will lead people directly to that passage within that post. Let’s say you wanted to write a post on your own blog in response to something you’ve read here. With Pullquotes, you’d be able to link directly to the passage you’re quoting, or the point I’ve made that you want to disprove. You can also tweet out the highlighted passage, or of course just copy it to paste into your blog or Facebook post or what have you. The passages that are drawing readers’ attention will be displayed at the very bottom of each Beatrice page and on a page at the Pullquotes site—so people will be able to discover posts that way, too.

I’m very interested to see how this works out—and curious to see what passages engage you the most!

4 December 2012 | housecleaning |