Listen to This: The Stacked Podcast

art-of-immersion.jpgLast Friday, I went out to Brooklyn and hung out with Christina Oppold, the creator of the literary blog Stacked, to talk about The Art of Immersion, a book by Wired contributing editor that looks at the new forms of storytelling being built around entertainment properties like Avatar, The Dark Knight, and Lost. The result: a 50-minute conversation about (among other things) how these narrative innovations might affect the publishing industry, with occasional detours through the existential hysteria prompted by Dungeons & Dragons in the 1980s, the real meaning of Fahrenheit 451, the ascendancy of Amanda Hocking, and the transparent elitism of Andrew Keen.

There’s a point in the podcast where we’re talking about fan wikis, and Christina mentions Terry Pratchett, and I’m all, “If there isn’t a Discworld wiki, there should be.” Well, there is a Pratchett wiki, which was intended to be just about Discworld, so there you go. (Same for the Wheel of Time wiki.)

This was a lot of fun, and I know Christina has big plans for future episodes, so keep an eye out!

1 April 2011 | listen to this |