Disclosure, Transparency, Legitimacy: Background Links


Here are links to some old GalleyCat posts that expand upon the context of some of what I was getting at in my Book Blogger Con presentation:

Last October, the Federal Trade Commission introduced a set of new guidelines on when bloggers should disclose the receipt of consumer goods, guidelines I viewed as too restrictive because they served to delegitimize online media. I also had serious misgivings about federal regulation of editorial content—misgivings that were shared by enough other people that the FTC eventually clarified that they were only trying to regulate a certain kind of blog, and hadn’t intended to round up all blogs in their regulatory lasso.

The FTC’s initial stance, however, did raise important questions about who gets to be a legitimate book reviewer, questions I’ve been dealing with for years, because insecure book reviewers have a habit of attacking bloggers and refusing to give them respect.

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