New Year, New Job

hmhdolphin.pngOver the 15 years or so that I’ve been doing Beatrice, I’ve held a couple different jobs—most recently, I’ve been freelancing for several years, primarily through a “semi-permanent” gig at GalleyCat. But starting tomorrow, I’m taking a more directly active role in the book publishing industry by joining Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as the director of e-marketing strategy. I’m pretty excited about this; after years of commentary on GalleyCat about how books can be marketed effectively through online channels, I’m getting an opportunity to put my ideas to the test… and doing it with some of the best frontlist books available today.

This blog is, and will continue to be, dedicated to introducing readers to books and writers from a variety of sources, and I’m not going to stop doing that. I’ve been thinking carefully in recent days about how much attention I’ll be giving on Beatrice to the books I work with, and carefully considering how other blogs written by publishing industry professionals, like Publishing Insider and Books on the Nightstand, deal with the issue. That thought process is still ongoing, but in the long run, transparency is my watchword; when I choose to write about HMH books, the connection will be made clear to you.

3 January 2010 | uncategorized |