Interview Roundup

  • In Nextbook, Nelly Reifler interviews Lee Greenfeld about coming to terms with mortality when you’re an atheist. Elsewhere on the site, A.B. Yehoshua weighs in on the Israeli/Lebanese conflict and turns on his interviewer for invoking the Talmud:

    “You think people read the Talmud? People know what the Talmud says? Where in the Talmud does it talk about bombing with airplanes or not? And what if the Talmud does say it’s okay to kill the Christians. And I decide I don’t want to kill them. I am building my identity, in a moral way. Why should I be answerable to the Talmud? And anyway, have any American Jews read the Talmud?”

  • Stephen Dixon talks to about End of I., a sequel of sorts to I, and why you shouldn’t ask him what it’s all about: “I just write; I have no plan of attack. I don’t think of hybrids, character studies, metafiction. Whatever I’m doing and have done will have to be explained by other people who know my work better or differently than I do. I’m just the writer.”

    13 August 2006 | interviews |