Read This: The Dead Fish Museum

I’ve been dying to read Charles D’Ambrosio’s latest short story collection, The Dead Fish Museum, for about a year and a half, ever since another writer recommended him to me.

deadfish.jpgIf you still need convincing, check out the Stranger review where each of the eight stories gets reviewed by a different writer, including contributions from Jonathan Lethem and Dale Peck. You should also dig into a profile of D’Ambrosio in the Williamette Week, in which we learn about the book he pulled from publication because he’d grown dissatisfied by it: “With a novel, you are just inside this one world and you are committed to it. And I’d never done it before, and I got kind of messed up and thought I had to go a certain way…. It really turned me around for awhile.” Well, now he’s back—don’t miss out.

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15 May 2006 | read this |