Don’t You Forget About Me

Oh, good heavens—I was so busy putting the finishing touches on a story for next Monday’s issue of Publishers Weekly that I completely didn’t realize I’d been so remiss here. I am really going to have to make up for that beginning this weekend.

In the meantime, my good friend Mark Sarvas spotted an interview between Kate Braverman and William Vollmann. Since I had just met Braverman in my role as GalleyCat co-writer, I emailed her to say I’d seen it, and she suggested that I check out the complete version of that talk, which she’s hosting on her own website.

And Tommy Hays, a former Beatrice guest author, turned up with an essay at Moorishgirl, coinciding with this month’s release of The Pleasure Was Mine in paperback…

As for me, I’m at New York Comic-Con much of this weekend, reporting for GalleyCat, but I have some guest authors just about ready to be published, so I’ll start cracking on those Saturday (or Sunday).

24 February 2006 | uncategorized |