Set Your DVRs (or VCRs, for the Old-School)

Got a note from Beatrice guest author Meg Wolitzer this morning about next Sunday’s premiere of the CBS TV-movie based on her novel Surrender, Dorothy, which is not to be confused with the 1998 film Surrender Dorothy, especially since it’s doubtful that Diane Keaton and Peter Riegert would star in a film about transvestite submission. So if you’re all bowl-gamed out by 9 p.m. Eastern on January 1st, now you’ve got something else to watch.

Quite a day for Meg, as it turns out she’s also featured in Tuesday’s NYT arts section for her participation in Amazon Connect, the online retailer’s bid to help writers take advantage of blog technology and communicate more directly with readers.

26 December 2005 | watch this |