Alesia Holliday’s Holiday Gift Suggestion

The second member of to provide us with a holiday gift recommendation is Alesia Holliday, the author of American Idle and Nice Girls Finish First. She’s also got a novella in the anthology The Naked Truth, out this month. Then there’s her first mystery, Blondes Have More Felons, coming next spring, plus all the YA fiction she writes as Jax Abbott…clearly Alesia’s one busy woman!

holliday.jpgFor the perfect holiday gift for any teachers you know, knew, or might someday know—or, really, just for anyone who ever went to school, my recommendation is Teacher Man by the amazing Frank McCourt. Anybody who knows me knows I’m in awe of the talent of this author for his gift of stripping story down to its essence; painting word portraits with brutal honesty and piercing, poignant humor. Mr. McCourt won the Pulitzer for Angela’s Ashes; I think he should win Teacher of the Century for Teacher Man.

26 November 2005 | gift ideas |