From Beatrice to Broadway

Wednesday night, I got to see my friend N.M. Kelby, who you’ve met on this blog before, make her Broadway debut as her short story “Jubilation, Florida” was read at Symphony Space as part of the Selected Shorts series. On her own blog, she reveals her feelings on hearing Patricia Kalember bring her words to life…and on watching the audience respond.

The rest of the show was pretty cool, too. Eli Wallach read a Simenon story, and Paul Hecht did a great job with an Aimee Bender tale. Plus the crew of One Story, which originally published “Jubilation,” were handing out free copies in the back of the theater. Once people figured out that, yes, they were free, and they could take any or all of the six stories on hand, they really seemed to get into it.

4 November 2005 | events |