Hello, I Must Be Going…

Yes, no sooner have I unpacked my vacation suitcase than I’m packing up my business valise to speak at the James River Writers conference in Richmond, Virginia. Friday morning I get to talk about book reviewing with Dan Neman, Melissa Ruggieri, and Jeff Lodge, and on Saturday afternoon I discuss the literary blogging scene with Reb Livingston and Caroline Kettlewell.

The one downside of this travel is that it once again puts me out of the city when exciting things are going on. Packing last night kept me from the Happy Ending reading with various contributors to The Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt, but at least I’ll be able to see some of them in October. I won’t get that lucky with the launch party for Tracy Quan‘s Diary of a Married Call Girl, or tonight’s McNally Robinson appearance by former Litblog Co-op finalist Michael Turner, who’ll be reading from The Pornographer’s Poem. Or the Books of Wonder event with Allen Kurzweil, Julia Donaldson, and Dale Peck…or the Bloomingdale’s appearance by Barrie Dolnick, who I met recently while researching an article on the changing New Age market for Publishers Weekly.

29 September 2005 | events |