This Will Keep You Busy for a While

The Loggernaut reading series website features six interviews, including a conversation with Daniel Alarc√≥n, whose short story “City of Clowns” includes “one of the most compelling instances in recent literature of a man performing cunnilingus on a woman who is wearing stilts,” at least according to his interviewer.

“In Lima I briefly dated a girl who owned a pair of stilts. I can’t really say much more about it, except to add that I write fiction and have an active imagination.”

The conversations with folks like David Means and Paula Fox are a bit less salacious, by comparison. But just as lengthy–heck, this crew is going to pose a serious West Coast challenge to Robert Birnbaum if they keep at it. Speaking of which, the interviewer so prolific he has to spread his work out on two different web sites chimed in last week with the transcript of a long talk with James Howard Kunstler.

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30 August 2005 | interviews |