String Theory Explained (with Zombies)

A few years back, I mentioned reading an anthology called The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures, citing Molly Brown‘s “The Selene Gardening Society” for particular praise. Brown recently got back in touch, telling me about the short film she and a group had friends had made to take part in a “48-hour film challenge.” Each team in the challenge, she explained, was assigned a title, a line of dialogue, and a required prop, then given two days to make a movie incorporating all three elements.

Brown’s team was told to make a film called “THIS IS…” that included a map of Europe with three red circles drawn on it, in which somebody said, “The floor dropped away from me before I started to follow it.” And here we are—

That’s Brown as the housewife— “who bears a remarkable resemblance to my mother!” she adds.

29 April 2009 | uncategorized |

Where Do You Go With 40,000 Readers?

Back in February, I hosted a panel discussion at O’Reilly’s Tools of Change conference about online community building as it applied to the publishing community, and how authors like John Scalzi and Tobias Buckell were leading the way for corporate sites like Here’s the video from that presentation, which lasts approximately 40 minutes or so; I hope any writers reading this blog will find some useful information for sustaining a public career in our conversation.

(It should be noted that Tor’s Patrick Nielsen Hayden is no slouch when it comes to online community building, either, what with Making Light and all.)

27 April 2009 | interviews |

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