Stephen Fry Has a Blog Now


Yes, it’s true, British actor/author Stephen Fry is blogging, but, so far, not about literature or even acting. Instead, in his first entry, he’s talking about technology: “I have gorged myself on electronic gismos, computer accessories, toys, gadgets and what-have-yous of all descriptions,” he writes, “but most especially what are now known as SmartPhones. PDAs, Wireless PIMs, call them what you will.”

And damned if the guy doesn’t know his geek down cold.

This reminds me that I have been meaning for ages to say lovely things about Fry’s most recent book, The Ode Less Travelled, which came out in paperback earlier this summer, and I just never seemed to get around to it, which is pretty sucky of me. Because it really is quite a good book, and although I generally consider myself somewhat intellectually well off, I’m the first to admit that my poetic appreciation skills are underdeveloped, and Fry has actually given me a little more confidence that I have enough historical and technical context to better understand what the heck it is I’m reading.

(Thanks to Nat Torkington for clueing me in!)

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Welcome NYTBR Readers & Ann Packer Fans!

If you’ve come here from the review of Ann Packer’s Song Without Words in this weekend’s NY Times Book Review, and you’re curious about the interview that Liesl Schillinger cited, here’s a quick link.

And if you like that, there’s plenty more interviews, as well as all the blog activity I’ve got going on.

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