Read This: Vintage Murakami

murakami.jpgPopped into Posman Books on my way through Grand Central tonight, just to see what was to be seen, and my eye was caught by Vintage Murakami, which is apparently part of a plot by Vintage to attract readers to some of the imprint’s best writers by putting together something like a ‘greatest hits’ collection with at least one never-before-in-book piece. Not a bad idea, and priced reasonably well at $9.95.

9 January 2004 | read this |

Seamus Heaney in the House

I had to look twice at Seamus Heaney’s Top Ten Hip Hop Picks before deciding whether or not it was for real or, as the editors of Spoiled Ink might say, taking the piss out of readers. But I want it to be real, if only for saying that Ludacris “has journeyed deep into the valleys of language, searching for a more organic phoneticism. For this, all poets owe him a blessing.” What I want to know is, what does the Nobel Laureate think of the Wu-Tang?

8 January 2004 | poetry |

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